How We Do Business

Fulcrum Projects was established in 2014. In just four short years we have gained enough traction in the industry to complete major contracts for a number of corporate and Crown enterprises and are rapidly expanding. Many factors contribute to our immediate success and set Fulcrum apart from its competition.


We encourage client involvement.

While most Project Managers prefer to work on the client’s behalf, Fulcrum strongly encourages client involvement at each phase of the project. This transparency allows the client to experience the integrity of our team, and ensures the project reflects the client’s goals from start to finish.


We are systems thinkers.

Unlike our competitors’ linear processes, Fulcrum thrives by applying a structured, multi-faceted process to our projects which allows us to consistently plan and make decisions based on the impact on the entire project as a whole. Fulcrum operates with the expectation and anticipation of change, and is resilient and efficient in its responses.


We are passionate about providing exceptional project management.

We are experienced and driven by solving challenges throughout complex construction projects. The people and partners we hire share our passion for the environment, people, and innovative thinking.


We are passionate about environmental sustainability. 

We are passionate about environmental sustainability.  We firmly believes in the philosophy that, in the near future, the majority of real estate projects will have a net positive impact on the environment and society.  We apply this philosophy to all key project decisions.